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XTC (S16 from Lansky) Synthetic Shave Brush Knot

XTC (S16 from Lansky) Synthetic Shave Brush Knot

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The XTC has fibers that are similar to the Evo 2 and the Oumo G5. I tested against the only badger that has completely impressed me.  This knot matches its performance in every way, notably, extremely soft tips and very good backbone.  I personally like this knot better than the G5C style knots.

Of course knot preferences vary.  For me, this is the best knot I've ever used.   

A worthy addition to our mantra of affordable luxury.  We have an affordable luxury formula, which yielded a knot price significantly less than comparable knots from others. 


The knot features a bulb finish.  Fan is not available.

Weight - 26mm knot:  0.99 oz / 28 gm

Weight - 24 mm knot:   0.84 oz  / 24 gm

This knot is an S16 by Lansky

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