Collection: 'Scent your Own' Offering

Note:  We have removed the 'Scent Your Own' fragrance oils from our website.  We've done this so we can get update the fragrances offered and stock of the ones on the website.  Expect this to be resolved by the end of the month.  (The month of December, 2023)

The basic idea:  Purchase our un-scented shaving soap.  Fragrances are sold separately in dropper vials.  Fragrance is added to your shaving bowl or on your loaded brush.  You can use the same process to add fragrance to balm or for making your own splash. 


  • The fragrance you want, at the strength you want.
  • Save space. A tub of shave soap, a couple of vial racks and a one oz bottle provide the same fragrance options as 24 tubs of shave soap and 24 bottles of splash. 
  • Savings: Fragrance start at $4.50.
    • 2 ml vials are good for 15-20 highly scented shaves
    • 5ml vials are good for 55 highly scented shaves.
    • 30 ml bottles are good for 275 highly scented shaves for less than most tubs of shave soap
  • Improved fragrance quality: Straight from the tap vs being in soap for some time.
  • Easy matching: This makes it easy to have matching soap, balm and splash.
  • Traveling is a breeze. Take a small container of soap and some scents vials and you have variety without having to bring multiple tubs of soap.
  • Pay the big bucks for a tub of soap whose scent you don’t like? Maybe you can fix it.