Our Story


Helping the world get a better shave

Throughout the years, the big shaving companies have gotten a little too caught up in their own hype. Because of this they've stopped caring about the most important thing.. a good shave. Because of this, we've set out to show the world how amazing a good shave can be. We feel like shaving is an amazing thing and like any amazing thing, we want to tell everyone we possibly can about it. We're extremely passionate about what we do and hope that through this company we can share our passion with people all around the world. We want to completely change the way people view and experience shaving in the 21st century.

We began making hand crafted straight razors

HC&C began as a small artisan company making handcrafted straight razors (yes, the kind your granddad used) in our founder's living room. This makes us a little different than most shaving companies. Most companies are business people diving into the world of shaving, we're shaving people diving into the world of business. Our founder, Pete Hendrix, is a shaving enthusiast and incredibly knowledgeable in the industry. He wanted to find a way to provide people with a product of the highest quality that did not break the bank. Testing products, and formulas until he was thoroughly satisfied, he wouldn't rest until he could offer the products he loved at the right price. HC&C was built with transparency and honesty. Today, if there is any problem he takes personal phone calls and texts. We are here for the customer.

We want everyone to experience the benefits of Single Blade Shaving

We want to provide beautiful, top of the line shaving products at reasonable prices and to back those products with our best shave guarantee. We are dedicated to educating and equipping the next generation of shavers and firmly believe that nothing can beat a great shave.