Collection: EDP, Pure Parfum, Extrait de Parfum, Cologne

Products on this page are decanted into two ounce (60 ml) glass bottles.  The atomizer (sprayer) is truly luxurious.  In short, they are very close to the original.  They will last a long time, having complexity and depth.  More details are provided below.

There are many names for types of fragrances based on the concentration of fragrance oil.  Names for the highest level of concentration are Pure Parfum and Extrait de Parfum and is what we sell.  EDP and cologne are commonly used to describe this level of concentration.  While technically incorrect, we include these names as so many use them.

Many of our fragrances are inspired by designer and niche fragrances from the large fragrance houses.  These fragrances will be very close to the original.  They have complexity, depth and last a long time.  These products do not come from the well known, large fragrance houses.

Net wt 2 oz.  

Ingredients:  Alcohol (SDA 40b Ethanol), Fragrance