Shaving Tips; FAQ

Q: How can we contact you?


Text or Call:  615-788-1883

It would be great to meet for coffee if you find yourself in Nashville, TN!

Q: What are your policies?

Here is a link:  Policies - Hendrix Classics & Co.

Q: How should use my starter kit?

Here is the short version.  More detail is available in the next question.

A: You are well on your way to getting a better shave as well as a more rewarding shaving experience. Be aware that classic shaving takes some skill while the cartridges you are used to don’t. We simply need to get you through the learning curve and you’ll probably never look back. Here are the most important things to remember, following by more detail.

  • Use a very light touch with your new razor. Shave the cream - not the whiskers. If you are getting nicks or razor burn, its likely that you are pressing too hard. 
  • Proper beard preparation is critical for a close, comfortable shave. Fortunately, it incorporates easily with taking a shower.  More info is below.
  • You will need to hold your new razor at a different angle, changing as needed for the contours of your face.  The razor handle will likely angle away from your face compared to swivel cartridge razors.  You can tell that you have the correct angle when you sense whiskers being cut.
  • Classic shaving takes longer than what you are used to in the beginning. Once you are past the learning curve it will be just as quick.  Here are a few tips:
    • You may want to get started at nights or on weekends.
    • On busy mornings, try beginning with your double-edged safety razor and finish with the cartridges that you are used to.  You might start by doing your cheeks.
  • Feel free to call for assistance if needed. Dial 615-788-1883 and ask for Pete. We're happy to schedule Skype or Facetime calls if needed.  Prefer email?
  • Our blog and YouTube channel have great resources for you.

This blog post takes a deeper dive into the concepts above: