Our Values

Customers First, Profit Second:

We are sick and tired of companies putting their focus on profit over their customers well being. For years, we sat back and watched the biggest shaving companies take this principle to extremes. Introducing sub par products, selling overpriced refills, and loading their products with artificial chemicals and fillers. We are committed to keeping our customers as our primary focus. This means with everything we do, we start at the customer and work from there.

Artisan Made:

As of right now, all of our balms, soaps, and personal care products are formulated and produced in Nashville, TN. This allows us to monitor ingredients, and adapt the process as needed. It keeps us ahead of the curve and assures that we will always have the best possible products.

Environmentally Friendly:

We care about the Earth and want to set an example of good corporate stewardship. Our eventual goal is to be a zero waste company on both the customer side and on the production side. We are working hard toward this every single day. 

Natural Ingredients:

We use natural ingredients whenever possible. Our goal is that every ingredient you find on a Hendrix product is easy to pronounce and as close to its original form as possible. 

Made in the USA:

HC&C is a US company and we are extremely proud of that fact. Our soaps, balms and lotions are manufactured in the USA with USA and limited foreign ingredients. We strive to source as much as possible in the US, though ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Babassu Oil aren’t grown here. Trust that whenever possible, we look within the US.

Sustainably Sourced:

This builds off our previous value in that we always look to get our raw materials from the closest possible sources. Why you ask? When a product comes from overseas, the shipping cost is vast. It's not just an economic cost either, there's also a large toll on the environment. We've found that when we focus on sourcing, we can cut down on the total cost as well as the environmental impact we make.