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Twelve Shaves Shave Soap, Splash & Pure Parfum

Twelve Shaves Shave Soap, Splash & Pure Parfum

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12 Shaves Shave Soap, Splash & Pure Parfum

12 Shaves, a collaboration between Head Shavers Ball & HC&C has great artwork and a great fragrance.  It is powered with fragrance inspired by Danger Pour Homme  by Roja Dove, which was selected by members of HSB.  All orders will be shipped with a sample of "100% Good Stuff: Skin Food for the Scalp & Face."  (This was previously called Dome Food.)

The theme and artwork were done by members of Head Shaver's Ball, and boy did they do a good job.  Of course, the wanted someone rocking the dome.  They decided to honor Bruce Willis and others, including group members, that are impacted by dementia or Alzheimers.  The artwork is based on a Bruce Willis movie, "12 Monkeys".  

There is also a special bonus with this launch.  If you buy two or three 12 Shaves products you can get "The Awesome Brush" for 25% off.  We came up with this product to provide the latest synthetic knots in a nice looking handle at a lower price.  Current price points are much higher than our current price of $37.99.  You get a 25% discount and get the brush for $28.49.

The newest synthetic knots are much better than previous ones.  This brush is incredibly soft, yet has great backbone.  These brushes were selected for the bonus offering as we think your dome will appreciate it.

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