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The Very Best Assistant

The Very Best Assistant

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This towel is your extra primo shaving assistant.  This is one of the three best microfiber towels on the market - made in South Korea where the very finest towels are made.  It is 600gsm (grams per square meter) of plushness, softness and performance!

Here's how I use it.  I fold it into thirds with the hook and loop facing out and place it in front of the sink.  While prepping and shaving I use the hook and loop to clean up water and spills.  

I fold it in half with the nap exposed after shaving and rinsing my face.  I then use it to dry my face. 

I then lay it down, take my razor apart and set the components on the Boss Man.  At this point is use The Polisher to wipe down my razor.  Once the razor is put away, I use the Boss Man to dry and polish my shave bowl, dry the cup for soaking my brush and wipe up anything else. 

Having done it's job for the day, this towel goes to the laundry.  They are priced so that you can have enough to rotate through them.

More good news - they get softer with each laundering.

Product info:

We launder these towels before sending them to you.

These towels are 16" by 16".  They are 600 GSM (grams per square meter).  They are a Blend:  70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide.  They are extremely durable and will withstand 100's of washings.  

Care instructions:  Don't use bleach or let temperature exceed 140 degrees - it will ruin the towel. Don't use fabric softener or wash with cotton - it was designed to trap things like this.

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