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The Sophisticate: Shave Brush or Empty Handle 24mm

The Sophisticate: Shave Brush or Empty Handle 24mm

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Shave Brush:

This handle, The Goblin and The Sophisticate have identical dimensions.  At 38mm wide at the widest point, these brushes are as wide as many larger brushes.   at 1.65"/44mm tall, they are about the height of a Simpson Chubby or Simpson Trafalgar handle.

I named this one The Goblin because of the Halloween colors.  I think these look cool.

This handle takes a 24 mm knot.  Below you can choose a complete brush with your choice of knots.  You can also purchase the empty handle for use with a knot you have.  

Note that we set the knot when you order, so shipping will be 2-3 days.

The Goblin Specs: 24mm
Weight: 1.48 oz / 42 gm
Width at Base 1.5 “ /  38.4mm
Height: 1.65”  / 44 mm
Hole Depth:  15mm
Hole Width: About 24.2 mm

(Note: The rule of thumb is that the hole should be 1 mm larger than the knot.  Both holes and knots can vary in size.  Feel free to measure your knot at the widest part and reach out so I can make sure it will fit.). Of course, we'll refund you money and pay for return shipping if it doesn't fit. 

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