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The Rapier Double-Edge Safety Razor

The Rapier Double-Edge Safety Razor

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This razor is a great choice for people that are coming to Single Blade Shaving from cartridges.  It’s very mild, thus sharply reducing nicks while learning the skills needed to shave with a safety razor.  It has a long handle, and a great price. 

The long handle is also helpfull for those who shave their legs.

The Butterfly and Rapier Double-Edge Safety Razors we sell both shave similarly.  Other than style, the main difference is the length of the handle.  The longer handle on the Butterfly is helpful to ladies shaving their legs and gentlemen who are used to the longer handles on the multi-blade razors.

Have you been using multi-blade cartridge razors, and want to try something new?  Here's what to know.  Most people get betters shaves with double-edge safety razors.  They are not as forgiving as what you have been using.  Most folks will get a few rough shaves before getting good technique.  

The most important suggestions:

1. Use the lightest of light touches.  Shave the cream and the whiskers will take care of themselves.

2. Change blades weekly.

3. It's a great idea to shower before shaving.  

4.  Take your time while learning.  Start with the safety razor.  If you are running out of time, switch back to the razor you have been using.

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