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The Primo Mirror Microfiber Towel

The Primo Mirror Microfiber Towel

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Discover the ultimate cleaning companion for your bathroom with our advanced microfiber towel, expertly designed for mirror care. This towel excels in keeping your bathroom mirror crystal clear, effortlessly wiping away smudges, streaks, and splatters. Its superior microfiber technology not only ensures a spotless shine but also specializes in defogging, swiftly clearing up any steamy haze post-bathing. Easy to use and incredibly efficient, this towel makes maintaining a pristine mirror a breeze. Embrace the clarity and convenience with our microfiber towel – your perfect solution for a consistently fog-free, gleaming bathroom mirror!   

Note: We decided to upgrade our mirror cleaning microfiber towel.  The Mirror Magician works well.  It get 'pulls' really easily.  This towel is more durable.  It also has one side for cleaning and the other side for completing a streak free finish. We recommend getting two towels.  Once a towel is dirty, it won't clean well.  A second towel doesn't require waiting for the laundry.


DirectionsStart with the Towel Slightly Damp w/ water to Maximize Effectiveness and Reduce "Dry Drag".  Use the Towel's Corduroy-Lined Surface Side to Wipe Away Dirt and Film Streaks, and the Silky Smooth Side to Complete Your "Streak-Free Finish.

These towels are 16" by 16".  

Care instructions:  Don't use bleach or fabric softener.   Don't wash with hot water. It's better to wash them separately from fabrics that generate lint.

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