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Soap Container w/ Lid

Soap Container w/ Lid

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This soap container is meant to house shave soap - whether pucks or softer artisan soap.  The bowl easily holds 5 oz. of shave soap with a gracious plenty room left for tub loading.

What makes it even better is that the bowl (not the top) is high quality 304 Stainless. The top is stainless steel as well.  This container will last through the years. 

The bowl is reasonably heavy duty, weighing in at over 4 oz - not far from the weight of our lather bowls.

The width of the bowl is 3 3/4ths Inches or 95 mm.  The height of the bowl is 2 inches or 50 mm tall.  The top is 3 13/16th inches wide, or 99 mm.

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