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Razor & Brush Stand

Razor & Brush Stand

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Note:  Our loss is your gain.  We received a shipment of stands that have a few scratches.  also, the support rods have a little grease in them that I couldn't get out.  Most people wont notice the flaws when its sitting on the counter.  

This stand ships with three plates with different sized slots for the brush.  We include the 31mm, 34mm and 40mm.  One of these three will fit all brushes we evaluated other than the Simpson Chubby 3.  The 43 mm plate will hold that one.   We have the following plates:  27mm, 31mm, 34mm, 37mm, 40mm and 43mm.  Please put a note in the comment box if you need a size different than 31mm, 34mm or 40mm.

I've always loved the look of this style of stand, though had two issues with them.  First, the folks who make these stands never got the memo that brushes were getting bigger - most of them still have a 26 mm gap.  Next, most of them are chrome coated.  For some reason, the chrome cracks, followed by unsightly bubbling of the plating.  

So, we addressed both of these issues.  Our stands are 304 stainless steel and will last a long, long time.  You'll be able to pass this down to your kids.  Next, the plate that holds the razor and brush comes in multiple brush sizes - all the way to 43 mm. 

I think the brushes look best when hanging by the handle as shown in the pictures.  Whether hanging by the handle or at the knot, measure as follows to get the right size.  Hold a ruler with mm behind the area you where you want to hang the brush.  Add a mm to that and order the next largest size.   Don't worry - it doesn't have to be perfect.


Note: Stand only. Shop Shave Brushes & Razors here!

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