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Polish & Wax Kit

Polish & Wax Kit

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This kit will help you keep your razors looking good. Blue Magic cracked the code on metal polish.  Renaissance will significantly slow the process of tarnishing on brass and copper.  

The kit comes with a tin of Blue Magic Polish, a tin of Renaissance Wax and two HCC Polisher towels.  The benefit of this kit is that you get enough to last years, if not forever.  

My video on this spoke about little kits being give aways, then I costed it and reality hit me. You can watch the video from this page.

I use these same products on stainless razors and the Ren Wax on vintage razors.  In my view, that thin coat of wax punches well above its weight in being protective.  It greatly slows exposure to air.  Not as important with 316 stainless, though definitely a benefit with metals that tarnish and and many of the vintage razors. 

Written Directions:

Apply Blue Magic with one of your Polisher towels.  With a little elbow grease with the same towel you’ll have your razor shining. Blue Magic turns black as it does its thing.  

Once the razor is looking good, it’s time for the wax.   It only takes a little.  Lightly run your finger around the edge of the container.  Rub the wax on the razor, get more wax as you can feel that it isn’t spreading. Buff with the second Polisher.

You are getting 1 oz of Blue Magic and 1/8 oz of Ren Wax and two Polisher microfiber towels. 



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