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RK Chromium Double Edge Razor Blades (10 Pk)

RK Chromium Double Edge Razor Blades (10 Pk)

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Note:  Feel free to purchase as many as you want.  We use 100 blade pricing for fewer blades, so pricing doesn't decrease at higher quantities.  There are ten blades per box, so purchase ten for 100

The RK Chromiums, much to my surprise, are really, really good.   In my personal shaving world, there have historically been three DE razor blades:  Gillette Platinums, Gillette 7 o'clock Black Super Platinums and Nacets.  These RK's have bumped them as my daily driver.  While these cost much less, the razor blade has a big impact on my shaves and I pay what is needed for the right blade.

These are sharp blades - closer to the Black Super Plats and Nacets than Gillette Plats.  There are two types of quality appropriate for this discussion.  I'm singing the praises of the RK's shaving performance.  The other quality area is the quality of the steel and the frequency of dud blades.  I've had one dud from the RK's so far.  I've never had a dud from the Gillette blades in all my years of using them.  

I use the RK's three times and then discard them.  I keep those three uses to no more than 7 days from the first shave, which isn't required with the Gillettes.

The price on the razor blades is a nice bonus - $.89 per ten pack, or $.45 for five blades for those used to US sized packs.

We only offer products that we would use ourselves and have extensively tested everything in our store. Everything we sell is backed by our best shave guarantee and comes packaged with a return shipping label to make returns effortless. 

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