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Bay Rum Shave Soap
Bay Rum Shave Soap
Bay Rum Shave Soap
Bay Rum Shave Soap

Bay Rum Shave Soap

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This is a great Bay Rum. Its scent is primarily West Indies Bay Leaf, just like Pirates used hundreds of years ago. There is some orange zest to add depth.  No Cloves or other distracting notes, just great Bay Rum

NOTE: The EDT/Splash comes w/ the Tiger Milk artwork - see pic.  The EDP/Extrait comes w/ the attached artwork.

This soap is made with our new Top Shelf base. It generates a luxurious, creamy lather which delivers exceptional cushion and slickness. The first three, thus most prominent, ingredients are Cocoa Butter, Kokum Butter and Illepe Butter.  These premium ingredients cost much more than more common ingredients, though we believe our customers deserve the very best.

This product is part Nashville's Finest brand, as we are based in Metro Nashville.  This line is focused on the enthusiast shaving community.   

Bay Rum Shave Soap: Net Wt. 5 oz

Bay Rum Shave Soap Refill: Net Wt. 3.5 oz

Bay Rum Shave Balm: Net Wt. 3.5oz

Bay Rum Fragrance Oil: Net Wt. 5ml

Bay Rum Shave Soap Sample: Net Wt. .33 oz 

Bay Rum EDT/Splash:  Net wt. 100 ml

Bay Rum Forest EDP/Extrait:  Net wt. 1 oz.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Kokum Butter, Illepe Butter, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Lye (KOH), Reconstituted Aloe Juice, Goat Milk, Myristic Acid, Lye (NaOH), Lanolin, Castor Oil, Bentonite Clay, Fragrance (If applicable), Tussah Silk

Manufactured by Hendrix Classics & Co., Nashville, TN


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True Bay Rum

Excellent, top performer lather and no clove Bay Rum, a beautiful and elegant scent, with perfect post shave feeling

Sean A.

First Purchase

I finally did an order and Pete did not disapoint. Everything came to Canada very fast and well packaged, even some bonuses. 10\10 well recommended