Should you try a straight razor?

Should you try a straight razor?

Are you a shaving enthusiast that hasn’t tried a straight razor?  If so, this article is for you.

My personal opinion is that trying a straight razor is a good part of the shaving journey.  My personal experience is that I shaved with them for a long time, though prefer safety razors and now use them most of the time. I’m also a fan of shaving with a straight, though using a safety razor for the finishing touches.  Having tried all methods, I prefer a Feather Shavette with Schick Proline P30 blades.  A shavette is a type of straight razor that uses replaceable blades.

There are less expensive ways to determine if purchasing a straight razor, strop and associated gear are the right move.  My preferred recommendation is to get an inexpensive shavette that takes Artist Club blades, combined with less aggressive Artist Club blades. There are plenty of these inexpensive shavettes on Amazon and eBay.

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