Shaving Tips


Most everyone finds shaving the lower neck the most challenging area.  Why?  Whiskers in this area come out at an angle almost flat to the skin, causing them to be missed and allowing skin to grow over them leading to bumps.  Next, the skin on our faces is relatively flat, like the plains of Kansas.  The skin on the lower neck is uneven - think of mountains.  It’s really easy clip the top of the mountain when trying to get the whisker in the valley.

Success Tips:

  • Remember pre-shave prep. Wash with a soapy washcloth, which removes germs and frees trapped whiskers.
  • Lift your head, thus stretching the skin, when you shave this area.
  • Don’t use shaving strokes starting at the top of your neck and going to the bottom. The problem with this is that you aren’t holding the razor correctly when you get to the lower neck
  • Slow down and focus when you shave this area. Focus on using the lightest of light touches and having the razor at the correct angle.
  • Try to pass the razor over the skin only one time.
  • Settle for a less perfect shave in this area.



Our suggestions for shaving w/ Acne or breakouts:

  • Wash your face with a soapy washcloth before shaving.  This removes dead skin and Staph bacteria.  Failure to remove them causes them to be shoved into hair follicles when shaving, leading to further breakouts and irritation.
  • Use the lightest of light touches with your razor.  Focus on light touch and proper angle when shaving the affected areas.  Try to have the blade pass over these areas only one time.  Be willing to sacrifice closeness of shave.
  • I hold the razor an inch or two below the head and I don’t allow the weight of the head on my face.  Bad things happen when the blade touches your skin.  The goal is for the blade to touch only whisker.
  • Acne / breakouts make your face more like mountains and less like flat land.  You sacrifice a close shave in the valleys to keep from irritating the mountain tops.
  • Change your Hendrix Classics razor blade after every third shave.  A dull blade causes trouble.
  • Skip shaving for a few days or shave around the affected area.
  • Especially with Acne, you may want to disinfect the razor and blade between uses.  Do this by taking the razor apart and using rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip to clean.  When cleaning a razor blade, always go from the center or the blade out.