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The Awesome Shave Brush

The Awesome Shave Brush

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HCC focuses on affordable luxury and The Awesome Brush is an great example.  This brush brings a new super knot, the HCX, in great looking handles to the market at an affordable price of $37.99.  Pre-orders are $32.99 and ship by Aug 24th.  We haven’t seen one of the super knots in a nice brush handle at this price point. 

Synthetic knots evolve.  The latest evolution feels softer on the face along with great backbone compared to previous brushes.  I tested against the only badger that has completely impressed me.  Both brushes were equally soft.  The HCX has good backbone, though not as good as the badger. Soft tips and great backbone are what I love.  I've been though roughly 20 badger brushes to find this one.  The HCX is consistent from knot to knot.

The video shows the faux marble handle being rotated.  Note the change in the pattern as it turns.  Some love it and some don't.

One note: After signing the contract for this order, I learned the handles resemble one of Trotter Handcrafts signature shapes.  We couldn't change the order.  Facing a $900 loss, I accepted the order.  We'll never buy them again.  

If you love the handle, you might consider getting one hand turned one by North American artisan Trotter Handcrafts. He has a multitude of gorgeous brush handles.  His website is:

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