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Hendrix Classics & Co

The Awesome Shave Brush

The Awesome Shave Brush

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HCC focuses on affordable luxury and The Awesome Brush is an great example.  This brush brings a G5 Series 26 mm knot in great looking handle at an affordable price of $37.99. We haven’t seen one of the super knots in a nice brush handle at this price point. 

I tested this brush against the only badger that has completely impressed me, having purchased about 15 premium badger knots.  Both brushes were equally soft.  The Awesome Brush has good backbone, though not as much as the badger. As well, I've come to learn that many people don't want as much backbone as I do.  

"The Artist" option refers to brushes that are plain blue on one side and patterned on the other. The principle is to mimic the feeling of an ink painting.  See the last video for specifics.


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