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Mail Call Box Opener aka 'The Chopper'

Mail Call Box Opener aka 'The Chopper'

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I love mail calls.  You love mail calls.  We all love mail calls.  So, we may as well be stylin' & profilin' when doing them. 

The Chopper may be small, but is more than up to the task of opening mail call boxes.  These are reasonably high quality and are made from and economy priced knife steel.  If only used for opening boxes, I think (hope) it will stay sharp enough to open mail calls without having to be honed.  

Put a thumbtack in the wall to hang The Chopper in your mail call area.  Mine is hanging on the wall next to my desk - where I open boxes. 

While small, this is a knife and is sharp, so treat it with the respect due any knife.

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