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Bottles & Droppers, etc...

Bottles & Droppers, etc...

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In our continuing quest to deliver value and put control in the hands of shavers, we now offer empty bottles with either droppers or reducers.  

NOTE:  You'll want to purchase a DIY kit if you don't have small funnels or a means to weigh/measure small quantities.  A scale needs to have three decimal points for oz or 2 decimal points for grams.

Below is the information you need to measure the correct amount of fragrance oil.  


1. Purchase some liquor. My preference is inexpensive white rum as it doesn't have much scent.  You can also use grain alcohol, though it has a much stronger scent that may interfere with the fragrance.

2. Put the appropriate amount of fragrance oil in the bottle, using the graduated pipette included with your purchase.  If you have glycerin in the house, add about half the amount of fragrance.  The glycerin isn't required.  In most cases, 5% fragrance oil is a good amount.  Our Bay Rum should be used at a 2% concentration. 

3. Add the liquor to the fill the bottle.

4. Important:  Shake before use.

 Bottle Size

Fragrance Oil needed for 5% solution

10 ml (Roughly 1/3 oz)

0.5 ml

15 ml (Roughly 1/2 oz)

0.75 ml

30 ml (Roughly 1 oz)

1.5 ml

60 ml (Roughly 2 oz)

3 ml

100 ml 5 ml
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