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100 ml Elegant Atomizer

100 ml Elegant Atomizer

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Our purpose in offering this atomizer is to offer a really high quality sprayer for a reasonable price.  

When comparing a nice atomizer to the others I think about taking a shower at a discount gym where the water is luke warm, there isn't enough and the shower heads put out a stinging spray as compared to  taking a shower in the best shower you have ever experienced.

I meant to order the two oz bottles and will order them next time.  Tip-o-the-hat to Frank Misa of Strike Gold Shave for introducing me to this bottle.  He uses the 2 oz version for his EDP's.

These larger models would be perfect for our Splash/EDT.  We put splash in the name so folks will know what we are talking about, though it's definitely EDT.  Of course, it would work well for any other concentrated spray.

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