Tip: Shaving the Lower Neck

Tip: Shaving the Lower Neck

The lower neck is usually the most challenging shave area. Why?

Whiskers on the lower neck are almost flat to the skin. The razor can skip over them. Worse, skin can grow over them leading to bumps. Skin on our faces is relatively flat, like the plains of Kansas. Skin on the lower neck is uneven - think of mountains. It’s easy clip the top of the mountain when trying to get the whisker in the valley.

Success Tips:
  • Remember pre-shave prep. Wash with a soapy washcloth or something similar, which removes germs and frees trapped whiskers. Better yet, shower before shaving - washing your face first thing.
  • Lift your head, thus stretching the skin, when you shave this area.
  • Don’t use shaving strokes starting at the top of your neck and going to the bottom. The reason is that you aren’t holding the razor at the right angle when you get to the lower neck.
  • Slow down and focus when you shave this area. Focus on using the lightest of light touches and having the razor at the correct angle.
  • Try to pass the razor over the skin only one time.
  • Settle for a less perfect shave in this area.
  • This is an area where finding the best blades for you will make a difference.

I hope you find this information to be helpful!!!

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My problem is not so much shaving my lower neck area, but shaving my jawline. Any tips for that ?


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