How to Optimize Your HCC Lather

How to Optimize Your HCC Lather

Hendrix Classics’ soap base, as of January 2024; has one ingredient that most others do not have.  Lathering is a little different in that it takes less soap and more water.  As with any soap, the key is to get the correct ratio of soap to water.

I weighed the soap and water for this article - two grams of shave soap in the bottom of the bowl, spreading it around as shown in the pic below. I started with a dry synthetic brush.  If using a natural fiber knot, I would soak it 5 minutes, then place the knot in my fist and squeeze the water out.  I poured a little water into the bowl.


I started working the brush in the bowl. It got to the point where I could tell more water was needed as shown in the pic below.

Note that there was still plenty of soap in the bowl that hadn't been picked up by the brush.

So, I added more water and worked it. I added water two more times, using only a small amount of water. You can see the result below. Our soap will develop a nice sheen when properly hydrated. Below is the end result. I added a total of 28 grams of water.


You are now ready to shave!!

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Great tips, Pete. I’ll have to get my scale and measuring cup and give it a try


Please tell me that is a lightsaber brush handle!!!


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