Best Razor Blade Angle for Optimum Efficiency

Best Razor Blade Angle for Optimum Efficiency

The optimum angle for razor blade efficiency is widely accepted to be 30  degrees between your razor and skin.  Targeting a 30 degree angle is perfect with straights and Shavettes. Using a lower angle around your nose or other sensitive places may be better to avoid cuts.

The issue with thinking of safety razors in terms of 30 degrees is that you can’t see it very well.  Most safety razors bend the blade.  Different razors bend the blade differently. Twist to dial adjustable razors change the angle with the different settings. 

 So, what’s a guy to do?  I think in terms of feeling and hearing to find the optimum angle.  As I’m shaving, I listen and feel for the best angle.  Doing this allows me to change as I go over the areas on my face. 

Also, on second or third passes, I listen and feel for whether whiskers are being cut.  Running the razor over areas where there are no more whiskers to cut puts you on the fast track for shaving irritation.  Remember, whiskers are tough and skin is fragile. 

Ixnay Utenbay  on the razor coming in contact with you skin!

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