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Hendrix Classics & Co

HC&C Shave Starter Set

HC&C Shave Starter Set

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🤝 Guaranteed Satisfaction

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Artisan Made In The USA

Hi! We’re an artisan shaving brand based of Nashville, TN with exceptionally high standards. Our safety razors will last decades if not generations.

 Healthier Skin & Closer Shave

Our expertly crafted double edge razors are designed to eliminate irritation and damage to your skin. All of our all-natural soaps & balms are artisan made in Nashville, TN to ensure the highest possible quality. Your skin will thank you.

No More Tugging, Pulling, or Razor Bumps

One blade means less problems. Click here if you want to learn more about why you should be single blade shaving.

 Eco Friendly - 93% Less Plastic

  • 2 Billion plastic disposable razors end up in a landfill each year, 32% in the ocean. 
  • Our safety razors are reusable and our blades are 100% recyclable.
What You Get Now
- Our Weighted Butterfly Safety Razor
- Our Artisan Hydrating Shave Balm
- Our Activated Charcoal Foaming Shave Stick for a phenomenal lather
- Five Stainless Steel Blades

What You Get Later
The initial $30 kit comes with the razor and everything you need for 1-3 months of best shaves of your life. You'll then receive a refill kit and $24 charge every 60 days thereafter (only $12 a month) Cancel Anytime.

Your Refill Kit includes:
- Hydrating Shave Balm

- Razor Blade Bank

- Our Activated Charcoal Foaming Shave Stick refill 

- 2 Month Supply of Razor Blades

The Hendrix Guarantee:
We only offer products that have gone through extensive testing and that we personally use ourselves. Everything we sell is backed by our best shave guarantee and comes packaged with a return shipping label to make returns effortless. If you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason, we will gladly give your money back. Here at Hendrix & Co, the customer always comes first.
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