HC&C Shave Starter Set
HC&C Shave Starter Set
HC&C Shave Starter Set
HC&C Shave Starter Set
HC&C Shave Starter Set

HC&C Shave Starter Set

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Artisan Made In The USA

Hi! We’re an artisan shaving brand based of Nashville, TN with exceptionally high standards. Our safety razors will last decades if not generations.









Healthier Skin & Closer Shave

Our expertly crafted double edge razors are designed to eliminate irritation and damage to your skin. All of our all-natural soaps & balms are artisan made in Nashville, TN to ensure the highest possible quality. You’re skin will thank you.


 Eco Friendly - 93% Less Plastic

  • 2 Billion plastic disposable razors end up in a landfill each year, 32% in the ocean. 
  • Our safety razors are reusable and 100% recyclable.

What You Get Now
- Our Weighted Butterfly Safety Razor
- Our Artisan Hydrating Shave Balm
- Our Activated Charcoal Foaming Shave Stick for a phenomenal lather
- Five Stainless Steel Blades
What You Get Later
Fifteen days after your starter kit purchase, you'll receive a $24 charge and we'll send your first refill kit. Good for 2 months of best shaves of your life. You'll then receive a refill kit and $24 charge every 60 days thereafter (only $12 a month) Cancel Anytime. If you choose to cancel before the first refill, you're required to return the items and we'll pay for everything. 

Your Refill Kit includes:
- Hydrating Shave Balm

- Razor Blade Bank

- Our Activated Charcoal Foaming Shave Stick refill 

- 2 Month Supply of Razor Blades

The Hendrix Guarantee:
We only offer products that have gone through extensive testing and that we personally use ourselves. Everything we sell is backed by our best shave guarantee and comes packaged with a return shipping label to make returns effortless. If you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason, we will gladly give your money back. Here at Hendrix & Co, the customer always comes first.


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Daniel F.

Apprehensive Harry's User Takes The Plunge

I have been a subscriber to 2 different shaving subscriptions in the last couple of years. I didnt have any complaints or objections with those services, but it wasnt any better then buying razors and cartridges at the drug store. I was really nervous about trying a single blade razor. However, my fear was unwarranted. Pete personally walked me through my first shave, and it was truly a superior shave. My fears were unfounded and I see myself using these products for the forseeable future. Thanks for helping me take the leap!

Joe T.

Great shave and amazing service!

This was my first safety razor ever, and I can’t believe how smooth my face was. I never shave more than 2 times a week due to irritation but I could shave everyday with these products. Great instructions, and When I opened the package, there was a hand written note informing me that I can email with any questions. This is cheaper than any other shaving service and you get the balm and shaving gel with it, and it’s a much better shave. Can’t say enough good things about this company!