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The Smooth Operator
The Smooth Operator
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The Smooth Operator

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I had a hard time deciding whether to sell this new razor.  The issue is that the caps have scratches, which I have named Cap Scratch Fever.  (A nod to Ted Nugent).  The reason I decided to go ahead and sell these is that they shave so well.  The scratches don't impact the performance of the razor - they are aesthetic.

This razor has low blade feel, yet is very efficient, meaning that it is very smooth, yet shaves closely.  Be careful if you haven't used a razor like this before.  It shaves very smoothly, yet is medium aggressive and will cut you.

The handles are stainless steel.  The razor heads are chrome coated brass.  With pricing at $19, it's a great deal on a great shaver.  The razor and stand are $28.  

Below are pictures that look great, as well as some to show the scratches.  As with all HCC products, we guarantee satisfaction.  If you purchase the razor we'll send a prepaid label to return it and refund your money.  And, it's fine to shave with it before you decide.

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eugene w.
United States United States

Smooth operator with Cap Scratch Fever ???

The Smooth Operator is a 3 piece design, a good sized thick and heavy handle with nice knurling tot aid in the grip. And I like it !!!! The head also has some weight which I also like. Helps the razor do the work without applying undue pressure. after using a polishing cloth on the cap, I had trouble finding the the scratches. But, Pete is a perfectionist. The razor when put together had some real weight to it. For me, that helped use the light touch. The fel was really good, light aggression if at all. The headsize did not limit my ability to get to all of the tight places and problem areas . Of course, Your mileage may vary. , The shave was incredibly pleasant and smooth.I enjoyed the razor and will add it to my rotation.After the 3 passes, I got ABS !! with no nicks cuts , and very little sting from the alum block. My wife always checks for smoothness and scents. She said "I like it , Android bottom Smooth !!!!! (we agreed on something)At the price point for the razor, you can't go wrong. It performed really well even with a scratch (which I could not find) . Pete, I think you have a winner

William P.
United States

Awesome razor

This razor is mild but efficient. It has little to no blade feel but shaves very closely. Definitely a great razor for beginners to learn and even more experience shaves that shave everyday or get irritation from blades. You can't go wrong with getting one of these.