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The Mirror Magician Microfiber Towel

The Mirror Magician Microfiber Towel

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Is your bath mirror fogged when you get out of the shower?  Does sink splatter get on your mirror?  If so, the Mirror Magician is for you.  

This 16"X16" microfiber towel was specifically designed to clean and dry glass and does a much better job than cotton towels.  A very nice benefit is that it's designed to be used with water rather than chemical cleaners.  Better yet, it's designed to last for hundreds of trips through the wash cycle.

We sell these by the pair so your mirror stays clean when one of the towels is being laundered.

Directions: Is your mirror pretty dirty?  If so, give it a final cleaning with a Windex type cleaner and a rag or paper towels.  Next, Use this towel to wipe fog off the mirror as well as keeping it clean after a bath.  Slightly wet the towel for dry parts of the mirror.  Launder when it leaves streaks or doesn't clean as well as it used to.  Voila, you'll always have a clean mirror.

NOTE:  Only use on glass.  The threads making the diamond pattern will catch edges, such as a razor taken apart.  If it catches, it will create a pull.

Laundering directions:

NO bleach, NO fabric softener.  Try to wash with items that don't give off lint.  Wash white clothes separately.

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