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The Claybeg

The Claybeg

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The name of this razor is The Claybeg.  When looking at this razor I was reminded of Mad Jack Churchill.  He was a leader of the British Commandos in WW2, predecessor to the SAS, Seals and Delta Force.  He was famous for carrying his Scottish Claybeg long sword into battle.  Look to the right of the pic to see him going ashore.  One time he took 44 Nazi's prisoner by giving them the choice of surrender or the business end of his Claybeg.

This shavette is inspired by the Weck shavette.  This razor only takes the Kismet razor blades.  This is not a good starter razor to check out straights or shavettes unless you like the sight of your own blood.  The reason is that blade exposure is not controlled like they are with the Feather Artist Club razors.

Make sure to focus when loading or removing the razor blade for this razor.  


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