Shave Soap Black Friday Specials

Shave Soap Black Friday Specials

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Stock up and save!  Plenty of soaps to choose from.  Select the number you want and then cut/paste or enter the fragrances you want in the text box.

These soaps are available for this special:

  1. Alpine Forest
  2. Badass
  3. Bay Rum
  4. BYV (Beyond the void). This is a light scent
  5. Citrus Bomb
  6. Gunslinger
  7. Havanna Breeze
  8. Hidden Goddess
  9. James Bond
  10. Le Mafioso (the remaining soaps are hard.  Choose 1 extra if you order this one as we have low stock.)
  11. Magique
  12. Peppermint

Magique is a really good inspired by Sauvage soap.  Fragrantica, a website for fragrance enthusiasts; rated Sauvage the best scent for men this year, followed by Le Male Le Parfum, which our Canadian Mafia soap is inspired by.  Here's my point:  Magique is equal in quality to our Canadian Mafia collab.  This is one you don't want to miss unless you don't like Sauvage.  

The next one deserving more attention is Citrus Bomb, Grapefruit forward with a touch of sweet oranges.  Here is the verbiage from a review on our website:  

"Best Grapefruit Forward Scent on the Market

These are superb grapefruit scented shaving products. The scent profile is universal across all products. Cut a Ruby Red in half and conduct a side-by-side comparison … you will be amazed at the scent accuracy. The soap, splash, and balm are fantastic products, some of the best on the market. The EDP will stay with you all day! I’d like to see Pete and company tackle the remaining citrus scents: lemon, orange, and lime. If they spare anything like Citrus Bomb, they will be a force to be reckoned with!"