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Scent Oil

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How much scent? Start with 2-3 drops and adjust as needed.

Net Weight: 4.5 ml

Scent Profiles

Masculine Scents:

Havana Breeze - Imagine putting your head in a humidor full of fine cigars.
Southern Comfort - Primary notes of bourbon and cured tobacco - two southern favorites.
Classic Barbershop - This is a crisp, clean modern scent.
Badass - This is a very masculine scent.  It’s in the same family as scents like a non-sweet Bay Rum, Sandalwood or Frankincinse.
Irish Breeze - Our take on Creed’s Green Irish Tweed. 


Nature Scents:

Dragon’s Blood - Rather than being a cool marketing name, Dragon’s Blood refers to the scent from a specific plant.  Very similar to incense.
Sandalwood - We’ve searched long and hard for a great Sandalwood scent and we really like this one.  
Frankincense -  This is Frankincense essential oil and smells exactly like Frankincense.


Citrus / Fruit:

Citrus - This is an awesome citrus scent.  It’s primarily Grapefruit, with a dash of sweet citrus and a dash of lime.
Grapefruit -  This is an awesome grapefruit scent
Lime - This one is self-explanatory.
Lemon - This one is self-explanatory.
Georgia Summer - Georgia grows a lot of cantaloupe and watermelon.  Imagine walking in from your garden with a basket full fragrant fruits and vegetables.


Floral / Trees

Lavender - This is pure essential oil with an awesome lavender fragrance
Vetiver - This one is self-explanatory.
Patchouli - This one is self-explanatory.
Mountain Forest - Imagine being in a grove of fir in the Great Smoky Mountains when the sap is running.  We added menthol to help wake you up.
Lemongrass - This one is self-explanatory.
Almond - This one is self-explanatory.
Ylang Ylang -  This is a very high quality Ylang Ylang essential oil.