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NOTE:  We are changing the fragrance section to allow us to provide greater variety to you.  This is a big project that will be done in steps.  If you back out from this menu, you'll begin seeing other fragrance sections.  Right now the only other one is for Ladies Fragrances, though this will be expanding.


How much scent? Start with 2 drops and adjust as desired.

Net Weight:  2 ml, 5 ml, 1 oz

Scent Profiles

Masculine Scents – Crisp, Clean & Modern

Barbershop - This is a crisp, clean modern scent. Vibrant Bergamot and fresh basil leaf are complemented by earthy notes of Oakmoss and white patchouli.

Bond, James Bond – A crisp clean scent that 007 would love - blending of bergamot, jasmine, fresh juniper, and patchouli.

Cloud9 – This is a modern, fresh scent that is perfect for date night.  My opinion is that it’s similar to Green Irish Tweed, only way better. I like this and Emperor Oud best of all our fragrances. It’s named Cloud9 because when your significant other experiences it, you’ll be on Cloud 9.   Bergamot and Grapefruit lend to this masculine fragrance with notes of amber, sandalwood, patchouli, and oakmoss.

Cool Stream – This crisp, clean and modern scent is our take on Cool Water by Davidoff.

Corsican Sun – A fresh, clean masculine scent masculine blend of bergamot and lemon with fir, oakmoss and musk.

Fresh Spring - Our take on Creed Aventus.  A light, yet completely awesome scent.

Irish Breeze - Our take on Creed’s Green Irish Tweed. A modern scent that is crisp and clean.  This version is lighter, yet more complex than other ‘inspired by’ fragrances we’ve experienced.

Nova – This is a nice spring/summer fragrance.  A warm, earthy concoction of bergamot, rosemary, sandalwood, moss, amber and mint.

Masculine Scents – Other

Badass – Several folks experience this scent and say, “It smells like a man.”  Citrus notes provide an excellent contrast to the depth of oakmoss and white cedarwood.

Bay Rum – West Indian Bay Leaves combine with orange peel and zest to create an awesome scent.  Hey, who doesn’t want to smell like a pirate?

Dusk - Citrus Zest, Vetiver, Rich Spices, Cedar Leaf, White Pepper, Deep Musk, Light Patchouli.

Emperor Oud – This fragrance is simply awesome.  Imagine the best wood you’ve ever smelled on steroids.  Absolutely one of our best fragrances.

Fougere - Clean and fresh masculine blend of lavender, juniper, wild fern and fir needle.  This is a classic scent that folks seem to love or hate.

Fruit Noir - Mix of raspberry, blackberry, blueberry as well as strawberry and Plum.  This scent isn’t overly sweet. While it sounds like a fruit basket, they mix to produce a sensual, somewhat mysterious fragrance.

Gun Slinger – This is for those days where there’s a new sheriff in town – and it’s you.  Dark notes of leather, Oud, and patchouli are enhanced with vetiver, black pepper, and vanilla.

Havana Breeze, Julio’s Reserve - Imagine putting your head in a humidor full of fine cigars.

Isle of Oud - sensual base of dark oud, frankincense, and patchouli.

Mahogany - An intriguing blend of falling leaves, fresh citrus, fireside warmth, teakwood, mahogany, patchouli and amber.

Mysterious – For those days, or evenings, when you want to arouse curiosity or suspense because of an unknown, obscure, or enigmatic quality.  Think Musk, Sandalwood and Amber.

Roasted - Wake up and smell freshly roasted coffee beans with this awesome scent.

Sophisticated Gentlemen - This is an exotic, warm blend of cedar, musk, amber and patchouli.

Southern Comfort - Primary notes of bourbon and cured tobacco - two southern favorites.

Nature Scents:

Alpine Forest - Imagine being in a grove of Fir when the sap is running.  We added menthol to help wake you up.

Dancing Koala – Our Tea Tree and Eucalyptus scent, which we find to be delightful.

Frankincense - This is Frankincense essential oil and smells exactly like Frankincense.

Lavender - This is the nicest Lavender scent we’ve come across.

Lemongrass - This one is self-explanatory.

Patchouli - This one is self-explanatory.

Peppermint - This is one that you’ll already know.

Sandalwood - We’ve searched long and hard for a great Sandalwood scent and we really like this one.  

Citrus / Fruit:

De´lica de Bergamot - A sophisticated fruit scent with notes of bergamot blossom, golden amber & sandalwood blend with whipped sugar and peach nectar.

Florida Sunshine - This is an awesome citrus scent.  It’s primarily Grapefruit, with a dash of sweet citrus and a dash of lime.

Grapefruit - This is an awesome grapefruit scent.

Lime - This one is self-explanatory.

Seafarer - You’ll have to sail the seven seas to get the combo needed for this scent.  A sweet and exotic blend of succulent mango, grapefruit zest, and sandalwood.  Mango is the dominant note.

Sophisticated Berry - A complex mix of berries and lemon accented with rose.

Sweet Ga Summer - Imagine walking in from your garden with a basket full fragrant fruits and vegetables. Sweet Melon predominant.


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Pete Bellenger Jr.
United States United States
Awesome sauce!

This is a great concept to be able to customize your own soap with your favorite scent & strength! I've been using Hendrix products for 7 or 8 months pretty much exclusively & I have no complaints at all! Well, maybe one... I have to wait to shave!

Tony J.
United States United States
Fantastic Scents

I received 5 scents from HC&C and I was not disappointed with any of them. The ability to add as much scent as you want is really nice. Service is unbeatable. I would recommend to anyone.