Scent Your Own Kit
Scent Your Own Kit

Scent Your Own Kit

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This offer allows you to check out our Scent Your Own offering for $5.

We'll send you a 3.5 oz of our unscented White Stqar Shave Soap and two vials.   Enter the two fragrances you want and 1-2 backups incase we don't have your preference.

We have many fragrances which has led to difficulty in making selections at times.  So, let me make a few suggestions. Descriptions will follow suggestions.


  1. Citrus Bomb
  2. Fruit Noir
  3. Hidden Goddess
  4. Mango-ze-Tango

Masculine - Fresh & Modern

  1. Cool Stream (Inspired by Cool Water)
  2. Kiliminjaro
  3. Maqique - Inspired by Dior's Sauvage 
  4. Poseidon - Inspired by Polo Blue

Masculine Earthy, Stronger, etc....

  1. Badass
  2. Bay Rum
  3. Commodore (Inspired by Shulton's Old Spice)
  4. Gunslinger
  5. Havana Breeze

Fragrance Descriptions:


Citrus Bomb - Formerly Exotic Grapefruit & Ruby Red - "One Grapefruit to rule them all" is my personal description for this scent.  I've experienced a lot of grapefruit scents and none match this one.  A more detail description: Fresh pink grapefruit with mouth-watering clementine, sweet valencia orange, and soft florals.  This fragrance is so good that I went and purchased Florida's Best Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice.

Fruit Noir -  This is a date night cologne scent completely based on a combination of fruit:     Plum, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry intertwine

Hidden Goddess (formerly De´lica de Bergamot) - A sophisticated fruit scent with notes of bergamot blossom, golden amber & sandalwood blend with whipped sugar and peach nectar.

Mango-ze-Tango (formerly Seafarer) - You’ll have to sail the seven seas to get the combo needed for this scent.  A sweet and exotic blend of succulent mango, grapefruit zest, and sandalwood.  Mango is the dominant note.

Masculine - Fresh & Modern

Cool Stream (Inspired by Cool Water)

Magique (formerly Ibiza Nights) -  This cologne scent is awesome.  It has a lemon forward scent.  But, not just any lemon - The most perfect lemon ever.  This is a duplicate of Sauvage.  The fragrance description for Sauvage:  Top notes are Calabrian bergamot and Pepper; middle notes are Sichuan Pepper, Lavender, Pink Pepper, Vetiver, Patchouli, Geranium and elemi; base notes are Ambroxan, Cedar and Labdanum.

Kiliminjaro - This is new and will be a big hit.  vibrant grapefruit and cassis, fire red spice, and contrasting cooler tones of patchouli and amber woods.

Poseidon - Inspired by Polo Blue

Masculine Earthy, Stronger, etc....

Badass – Several folks experience this scent and say, “It smells like a man.”  Citrus notes provide an excellent contrast to the depth of oakmoss and white cedarwood.

Bay Rum – West Indian Bay Leaves combine with orange peel and zest to create an awesome scent.  Hey, who doesn’t want to smell like a pirate?

Commodore - Inspired by Old Shulton's Old Spice

GunSlinger - Most will find this to be a most excellent tobacco fragrance. The bonus is that the ladies will love it as well. Inspired by Red Tobacco by Manera, it has the following accords in order of prominence: Warm Spicy, Tobacco, Woody, Sweet, Vanilla, Amber, cinamon, Oud, Fruity.  It has much less of the hot notes of Mancera's product

Havana Breeze, Julio’s Reserve - Imagine putting your head in a humidor full of fine cigars.