Microfiber 101 & 102
Microfiber 101 & 102

Microfiber 101 & 102

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This is a great introduction to Microfiber towels for your shave. I strongly believe that microfiber is the best fabric for the bathroom.  It's sooooooo soft on your face. It is especially good in cleaning up spills and messes without other cleaners.  It is a fiend to your skin.  If using a microfiber towel to dry your hands (or anywhere else), you need only touch it to your skin and it will draw up the water.

We have to microfiber specials, Microfiber special 101 and 102.  101 is the intro and 102 is the next step.

Microfiber 101 has three towels to use during the shave to clean up as needed and to dry your face with luxurious softness. It also include two towels for wiping down and polishing your gear.

Microfiber 102 has two clothes specifically designed for your mirror.  With these, you can kiss splattered and dirty mirrors goodbye.  We include two so you have one to use while one is laundered. Also included is "The Best", which  is used during your shave, though is thicker and more luxurious than the Shaver's Assistant.  

The only downside I have found to microfiber towels is the laundering instructions are important.  No bleach - it ruins the micro part of the fibers.  No fabric softener.  Designed to clean without chemicals, everything they pickup is trapped in the towel.  If it traps fabric softener, it can't trap anything else.  It is best to wash them with together or with other non-lint producing fabrics, the worst offenders being cotton towels, flannel, and fleece seat suits.  If the towel traps lint, it is half dirty before you start to use it.