Masculine-Modern Fragrances

Masculine-Modern Fragrances

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This section contains masculine-modern fragrances for men.  

Masculine Scents – Crisp, Clean & Modern

Barbershop - This is a crisp, clean modern scent. Vibrant Bergamot and fresh basil leaf are complemented by earthy notes of Oakmoss and white patchouli.

Bond, James Bond – A crisp clean scent that 007 would love - blending of bergamot, jasmine, fresh juniper, and patchouli.

Cloud9 – This is a modern, fresh scent that is perfect for date night.  My opinion is that it’s similar to Green Irish Tweed, only way better. I like this and Emperor Oud best of all our fragrances. It’s named Cloud9 because when your significant other experiences it, you’ll be on Cloud 9.   Bergamot and Grapefruit lend to this masculine fragrance with notes of amber, sandalwood, patchouli, and oakmoss.

Cool Stream – This crisp, clean and modern scent is our take on Cool Water by Davidoff.

Corsican Sun – A fresh, clean masculine scent masculine blend of bergamot and lemon with fir, oakmoss and musk.

Emperor Oud – This fragrance is simply awesome and is inspired by Oud Wood by Tom Ford.  This fragrance smells exactly like Oud Wood.

Fresh Spring - Our take on Creed Aventus.  A light, yet completely awesome scent.

Irish Breeze - Our take on Creed’s Green Irish Tweed. A modern scent that is crisp and clean.  This version is lighter, yet more complex than other ‘inspired by’ fragrances we’ve experienced.

Havana Breeze, Julio’s Reserve - Imagine putting your head in a humidor full of fine cigars.

Southern Comfort - Primary notes of bourbon and cured tobacco - two southern favorites.