Citrus-Fruit Fragrances

Citrus-Fruit Fragrances

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This section contains citrus and fruit oils.  

 Citrus / Fruit:

De´lica de Bergamot - A sophisticated fruit scent with notes of bergamot blossom, golden amber & sandalwood blend with whipped sugar and peach nectar.

Florida Sunshine - This is an awesome citrus scent.  It’s primarily Grapefruit, with a dash of sweet citrus and a dash of lime.

Grapefruit - This is an awesome grapefruit scent.

Lime - This one is self-explanatory.

Seafarer - You’ll have to sail the seven seas to get the combo needed for this scent.  A sweet and exotic blend of succulent mango, grapefruit zest, and sandalwood.  Mango is the dominant note.

Sophisticated Berry - A complex mix of berries and lemon accented with rose.

Sweet Ga Summer - Imagine walking in from your garden with a basket full fragrant fruits and vegetables. Sweet Melon predominant.