Building a Great Lather with a Shaving Brush and Shaving Soap

We are excited for you. Using a synthetic shaving brush and soap is an enjoyable experience that delivers much better shaving lather and performance. We suggest following these directions closely in the beginning, followed by experimenting to see what works best for you. 

These directions were written for either of our starter kits, though apply to any synthetic brush and shaving soap. The directions would be different if using an animal hair brush.

Here is the short version of how to load your brush:

  1. Put your brush under warm running water. Give it a couple shakes so that water isn’t dripping from it.
  2. Use your shaving brush with enough pressure to splay it roughly 25%, using quick circular motions in the soap.  Add small amounts of water as needed. Do this by having a small stream of warm water, about the thickness of a pencil lead, and quickly pass the brush or soap jar under it. Add just a little at a time.
  3. This will take about 20-30 seconds once you get the hang of it.
  4. Use less water if lather is dripping off the brush onto your torso or arms.
  5. A great consistency will be comparable to Cool-Whip.

Here is the short version of how to apply it to your face:

  1. Use quick circular motions with the brush splayed no more than roughly 25%. While you can’t see it, envision using your brush to ensure that those pesky flat lying whiskers are lifted enough to get soap under them.
  2. We want to get the consistency similar to Cool Whip. You need more water if the lather looks somewhat like paste.  You need to load your brush more if suds are dripping onto your torso.
  3. Once you have a good base, alternate between circular motions for you whole face and neck, followed by back and forth painting style motions.

More info:

An alternative to wetting your brush to start loading the brush is to put a couple of tablespoons of hot water in the soap before you hop in the shower.  Put the jar lid back on.  When ready to lather, take the lid off the jar and enjoy the scent.  Pour the water into a coffee cup or shaving bowl.  Dip the brush in the water.  Continue dipping the brush as needed to load your brush.

 The process above is called face lathering.  Some folks like to use a shaving bowl as well.  Our founder uses both, though always includes face lathering.  Face lathering is needed to get those whiskers to raise off the skin so the razor blade can cut them.

Do you like warm lather?  One option is to get a shaving scuttle.  The scuttle has a place to put hot water under the area where you build lather.  Another option is to put warm-hot water in your sink, allowing the jar of soap, shaving bowl if you use one, and brush to warm up while you shower.  Keep a brush or scouring pad nearby to clean the sink before doing this.  It only takes a second and keeps unwanted bacteria away from your face.  Unwanted bacteria is one of the big causes of shaving irritation.  Anytime you put shaving items in warm-hot water, keep the temperature so that you can comfortably have your hand in the water for ten seconds.

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